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Porta Potties in Sterling Heights, MI

Have you become tired of communicating with Sterling Heights providers of portable toilets who do not provide the proper sort of porta potties you need to have? Or are companies demanding a fee way above the going rental/purchase rate of portable toilets in Sterling Heights, MI? If this describes exactly how you feel, then it’d be wise to work with Rent Porta Potties. Folks (and our competition) in Sterling Heights, Michigan consider us as a trusted provider of porta potty units for rental or purchase. If you need to have a walk-in toilet for placement in an on-going development, a barebones porta john for a special event, or over 20 restroom trailers for usage in a nonprofit concert in the middle of Sterling Heights, MI, we will be delighted to oblige. If you are serious about knowing more, contact us in Sterling Heights at 888-664-6168.

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A Toilet for Every Situation

Among the many service providers of portable toilets within Sterling Heights, MI, our organization has the best inventory. Our stockroom is continuously updated, growing larger whenever a new porta potty becomes available for purchase on the market. The 1st day we have initiated operations in Sterling Heights dates years back, and we were able to deliver so many clients toilets for home use, business functions, and even major annual festivals.

Naturally, the predicament you’re facing could quite possibly call for a very unique style of toilet. Do not be anxious though, as the likeliness of us finding the right match between you and your toilet is fortified by examining your needs before you make any endorsement. Once this very quick process has finished, we begin the next phase, which would be to reveal which items would be appropriate for you. If you look forward to renting for a couple of days, several months, or certain days of the week over the course of a year, we’ll come up with a cost effective rental plan that enables you to use the rented devices to the fullest.

We Provide Quality and Efficient Products

To protect our track record as a trustworthy business, we acquire toilets from the world’s very best toilet manufacturers, and subsequently execute a rigid quality check after each product is rented out. This simply means your product will operate adequately (defect-free!) throughout the time you rent it.

Functionality is one other essential factor we take into consideration when choosing portable toilets. If you are after anything with typical functions (e.g. battery-powered flushing, average sized waste/water capacity), we can most definitely offer you these sorts of items. And of course, we can also offer you a more feature-packed product that comes with sealed valves for trapping unpleasant odors, anti-bacterial seats, anti-spill lids, plus other features.

We Aim to Please

There are many organizations in Sterling Heights, MI, that sell similar services, but none of which can actually match the level of client service delivered by our corporation. Don’t be stunned when our service staff members address you “eerily” respectfully, or simplify the renting process for you by reserving a drop off and collection time for your porta potties. After buying/renting any unit, we’ll have our transport squad deliver it to your doorsteps (or any site of your choosing).

One more thing worth discussing about our business is the free maintenance program that comes with the portable toilets – a feature that isn’t offered by other establishments in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Renters won’t have to drain their units’ tanks or disinfect their units themselves, as our technicians will do it every single week for them!

There is definitely no organization in Sterling Heights that rents out porta potties like our organization can. To learn more regarding our portable toilets, or take advantage of a free of charge quote, go ahead and get in touch with us at 888-664-6168.

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