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Different situations will call for different types of portable toilets. Fortunately, we’ve made sure that our stockroom at Rent Porta Potties is outfitted with every type of portable toilet available on the market. If you need a basic porta potty for your guests to use during an outdoor dinner party you plan on hosting, or a large number of full-sized units to cater for the bathroom needs of people attending a live concert, know that our organization has the more than enough resources to satisfy your needs. We also have special products with built-in hand washing stations, which create a more pleasant, sanitary restroom experience for its users.

Durable and Functional Toilets for Construction Sites

Providing a private lavatory for contractors to use at an on-going construction site is something many of our clients have approached us for. Our employees can supply you with a durable and highly functional porta potty unit for the site’s workers for as long as you want. If you need to rent a portable toilet for a week, or even over a year, just let us know, and we’ll write up the most convenient, affordable rental plan for your situation.
Rent Porta Potties’ transportation team can deliver your order to your site. Moreover, we’re one of the few organizations that provide weekly maintenance, which includes emptying your unit’s waste containers and disinfecting the entire unit!

Products for Large Outdoor Events

Hosting any large outdoor event (i.e. a concert, festival, or dance competition) requires organizers to make ample preparations, which includes providing washrooms for a large number of attendees! But no matter how big the event’s audience is – be it 1,000 or even 10,000 people and beyond – know that Rent Porta Potties has you covered, and will supply as many units as necessary. In cases where you’ll be hosting events over the weekend, we typically drop off the units on Friday and pick them up the following Monday. However, if you need it on a specific time during a Saturday or Sunday, let us know ahead of time, and we’ll make the appropriate arrangements to accommodate for your needs.

Innovative Hand Washing Stations

If you’re like a lot of our “picky” clients, then you’ll probably want to choose portable toilets which come with built-in hand washing stations. We completely understand that proper sanitation is an absolute necessity for everyone, which is why we’ve purchased a wide-range of toilet models featuring the latest, most functional hand washing stations today. These facilities come with clean water tanks, anti-bacterial soap dispensers, and dry paper towels. And as with every other merchandise rented out by Rent Porta Potties, we’ll offer these units at a price that’ll give you outstanding value for each dollar spent!